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SILAS VON MORISSE gallery is hosting an exhibition of new paintings by Frances Barth. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery. The show presents new artworks never seen before, made by the artist between 2011 and 2017.


Frances Barth was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1946. She studied painting and art history. Her works are part of numerous public, corporate and private collection. As MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum and others.

Barth refers to aspects of her work as a combination of comic restraint and purist abstraction. The exhibition presents a series of five paintings on panels, created in 2011 and which she titled COM. COM refers to the word “comics/ideas by images”. Actually, these artworks are not comics. Frances Barths desire was to shift from paint and experience cartooned line, introducing a non-specific narrative to abstraction. 

Speaking on her use of color the artist refers to her desire to create "big areas of ungracious color - chemical color that doesn't exist in nature - to open up like the sky but not be sky." She creates works that are as provocatively ambiguous as they are delicately beautiful.


In her desire to "tell stories without words" Barth implies narratives and geographies, in a territory between landscape, mapping and abstraction. 


With these paintings, the artist started to introduce a cinematic timing from panel to panel. They should be read from left to right, as the light changes in each work. The meaning is to represents time from early morning to late in the day. The viewer is required to experience Frances Barth's art, moving closer and traveling across vast spaces. The artist used different medium, incorporating digitally drawn symbols used as collage.


Frances Barth, COM 1, 2011


Frances Barth, COM 2, 2011


Frances Barth, COM 3, 2011


Frances Barth, COM 4, 2011


Frances Barth, COM 5, 2011


Frances Barth, Big Pink, 2016


Frances Barth is represented by Silas von Morisse gallery in New York. 

Browse her artworks available on Kooness