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The city has long served as a wellspring of inspiration for artists, a canvas on which they express the ever-evolving tapestry of urban life. In the 'Urban Frameworks' exhibition, three visionary artists, Heiko Huber, Thomas Nitz, and Karla Zipfel, embark on a creative odyssey through the metropolis, offering their unique interpretations of the city's essence.

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Heiko Huber: Abstracting Urban Realities
Heiko Huber's work tantalizingly straddles the line between figuration and abstraction. Within his 'the lines between' series, Berlin transforms into an enigmatic realm of abstract expressionism. Yet, even in its abstract form, the city's soul is artfully captured. Huber's masterful use of color and form breathes life into the seemingly chaotic urban landscape. His lens, in long-exposure splendor, unravels the city's transient dynamism—the play of light, color, and shape within its bustling subway stations. These works, paradoxically abstract and familiar, invite viewers to see the city through an entirely fresh perspective.

Heiko Huber. Rotes Rathaus, 2023. Courtesy of Galerie Anna25

Thomas Nitz: A Dialogue Between Painting and Photography
Thomas Nitz, a virtuoso at the crossroads of painting and photography, crafts singular masterpieces. His distinctive technique begins with meticulous preparation—each surface a canvas of unique potential. Multiple exposures, a signature of his craft, breathe tactile life into his photographs. These creations, devoid of replication, are one-of-a-kind revelations. In 'Cathedrals and Metropolis,' Nitz casts his discerning gaze upon shopping malls and cityscapes, envisaging them as contemporary cathedrals of consumption. The urban transformation becomes a visual narrative, an exploration of societal evolution writ large.

Thomas Nitz. Stadtschloss #1, 2022. Courtesy of Galerie Anna25

Karla Zipfel: Interrogating Public Images
Karla Zipfel's art confronts the power of public imagery. Buildings, everyday objects, and media, so often overlooked, are thrust into the spotlight. Zipfel distorts these symbols through the prism of industrial aesthetics. The result is a striking hybridization, a fusion of visual and thematic elements. Within her installations, everyday contexts—commercial, domestic, and sacred—are synthesized. These are challenges to the norms conveyed by object and space design, offering a profound reflection on societal identity and expectations. 'Urban Frameworks' as an exhibition transcends mere visual spectacle. It is a contemplation of urban complexity, a meditation on the myriad layers of modern city life. These three artists peel back the surface, exposing the intricate, often unnoticed, frameworks that structure our urban existence.

Karla Zipfel. Calling of...,2022. Courtesy of Anna25

Their artistry beckons viewers to join them on this expedition through the cityscape's intricate corridors. As we wander through 'Urban Frameworks,' we may find ourselves forever altered, with a heightened awareness of the beauty, chaos, and enduring mystery that define the modern metropolis.

The exhbition will take place in Berlin - Schönleinstr. 25, 10967 - from the 15th September to the 27h October, 2023. 

Cover image: Heiko Huber. Paradestraße, 2023. Courtesy of Galerie Anna25

Written by Kooness

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