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Scheduled for Thursday, April 18th at 8 p.m, the event will feature a collection of her canvas and paper paintings, the screening of her short film "Epitaph," together with a live performance.

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Est Art’s Space Black Room is where Espina de Vil's avant-garde creations found their perfect stage. Known for her audacious, rebellious spirit and politically incorrect stance, Espina's individual exhibition, called "The Heretic," promises to showcase various paintings on canvas and on paper.

The artists’ iconography is original as she expresses her emotions, experiences and life events onto canvas with the aim to transform something “ugly” into something beautiful. Her aesthetic embraces elements of mortuary allure, classic terror, demonology, witchcraft, transvestism, and sexuality, all intertwined within her artworks.

At the core of Espina's expression lies a deliberate defiance against societal norms and conventions. Through her art, she grants visibility to the marginalized, the forbidden, and the corrupted. Espina calls her signature technique “Psycho Anarchist”, which rejects norms, rules or structures, opting instead to allow one to enjoy the moment, the soul, and the heart. 


Espina de Vil. La Material Girl. COurtesy of Est_Art


In art, the expression of the self and the other have always gone hand in hand. Espina's journey through "The Heretic" exhibition serves as a testament to this intertwined dynamic. Each stroke of her brush, reveals layers of macabre, twisted realities that often go unspoken and unnoticed.

Espina de Vil emerges as a provocative figure—a Luciferian woman weaving narratives of demonology and pop culture icons. "The Heretic" participates in a clandestine black mass, where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur, and anarchy comes in. 

Chaos reigns within Espina's exhibition as different elements come together to create a surreal, magical atmosphere. Each artwork, housing its own unique demon and emotion, contributes to the overall sense of liberation from societal norms and constraints.

"The Heretic"’s meaning is to confront uncomfortable truths often obscured by societal taboos. The exhibition stands as a testament to Espina de Vil's creativity and curiosity of the darker facets of human existence. 

Written by Kooness

Cover Image: Est Art Space Madrid, Spain. Courtesy of Est Art

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