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Emotion and enchantment, the world in the eyes of Ton Schulten.

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Ton Schulten (b. 1938, Ootmarsum) is a Dutch painter that focuses on landscape colour compositions, with solid colour blocks and primary colours taking up the pictorial space. Schulten graduated from the Enschede Academy of Art and Industry in 1962 as a graphic designer, an influence that can still be seen in his body of work. Schulten has also been recognised for his importance in Dutch contemporary painting and his hometown of Ootmarsum houses the Ton Schulten Museum, which opened in 1997.


Ton Schulten, Veldweg, 2008 © Courtesy the artist and Art Dumay.


The painter’s approach to painting is deeply influenced by his life and particularly the landscapes of the Twente area. Ranging from intense and earthy to pastel and light colours, Schulten’s landscapes vary in shape and intensity, delivering a sense of emotion and enchantment through the colours, the glow, the lustre and the shapes composed.


Ton Schulten, Weg naar de hoeve, 2015 © Courtesy the artist and Art Dumay.


The shapes, colours and compositions convey a sense of tranquillity and still life, almost mesmerising and transporting the viewer in a different dimension. Schulten’s work tends to embrace the viewer with its rich colours, warming the soul.

Ton Schulten is just one of the varied roster of artists represented by Dutch fine art gallery Art Dumay. Art Dumay, founded in 1937 in Nuenen, is an art dealer and project agency focused on fine art. Art Dumay also deals with appraisals, collection management, art-related events and mediation.


Ton Schulten, Zonovergoten, 2000 © Courtesy the artist and Art Dumay.


Cover image: Ton Schulten, De graanvelden 2010

Written by Darya Shojai

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