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TLV Fine Art is an international art gallery with locations in Tel Aviv, Dubai, Hong Kong and ShenZhen. Dedicated to showcasing a collection of colourful and vibrant works of art, TLV Fine Art aims to reflect on the bright side of life through a varied and carefully selected range of artworks. Spacing from paintings, photography, sculptures, 3D, kinetic art, pop art and wall sculptures, the collections includes world-renowned contemporary artists like Richard Orlinksi, Yoav Pour and Asya Simon.

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Richard Orlinski (b. 1966, Paris) is a French mixed media neo-pop artist. One of the best-selling French contemporary artists in the world, Orlinski is best known for his colourful pop universe and his neo-pop sculptures of animals. The sculptures are the reflection of a profound contemplation on animal instincts and human nature, as in Wild Kong Oil Tag 1/1 (2020) where the gorilla is imbued with cultural references of the “human” world.


Richard Orlinski, Wild Kong Oil Tag 1/1, 2020 © Courtesy of the artist and TLV Fine Art.


Yuvi (b. 1970s, Tel Aviv) is an urban pop visual artist. Inspired by international pop artist who depict superheroes, scientists, artists, movie stars, animals in his masterpieces, Yuvi combines traditional techniques with digital technology, as can be seen in Good Vibes (2021).Using humor and defiance, Yuvi’s work gives an artisti voice to his world view, exploring issues such as social criticism to ironic homage, in his deeply personal language.


Yuvi, Good Vibes, 2021 © Courtesy of the artist and TLV Fine Art.


Zohar Yosefyan (b. 1976, Tel Aviv) is a visual artist that focuses on optic and 3D kinetic art. Inspired by popular culture artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring, Zohar creates colourful and fun works of art that include iconic symbols and elements of the pop art culture, cartoons and characters that influence our current lives. Using special materials and techniques, he creates an effect as if some elements are popping out of the artwork and a sense of depth in the background, as can be seen in Hermes Gold Skull (2020). The first reaction is to get close to touch but to find a flat surface.


Zohar Yosefyan, Hermes Gold Skill, 2020 © Courtesy of the artist and TLV Fine Art.



Although TLV Fine Art is a recently founded gallery, its curated selection of artworks and international artists is certainly to keep an eye on.

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Cover image: Zohar Yosefyan, Hermes Gold Skill, 2020 © Courtesy of the artist and TLV Fine Art.Written by Darya Shojai Kaveh.

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