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It's official! During the next Spring 2020, Emmanuel Perrotin will open a new space completely dedicated to site-specific projects and art collectors. Not a gallery, just another space that joined hands with other three galleries in the capital and different offices between New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, definitely has pointed out his importance in the contemporary art scene. 

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Emmanuel Perrotin. Courtesy Artribune Magazine


Located at 2bis on Avenue Matignon, the new Perrotin space is a stone's throw away from the Champs Elysees garden and the Grand Palais, on the ground floor of a beautiful building built in the early twentieth century. Space not very huge, it is about 70 square meters and far from profit but close to the philosophy of "art pour l'art". As Perrotin explains, "a place where I hope it will be pleasant to spend time, a return to intimacy, in short, a secluded corner where you can experience some contemporary art."

We are talking about a gallerist who opened his first gallery in 1989 inside the apartment in the 3rd arrondissement Paris. Currently in the capital Perrotin has its headquarters of 2300 square meters in the Marais, and the two floors in Rue de Turenne, all very popular spaces. The last example is the Daniel Arsham exhibition, opened in January, and was visited by a thousand visitors a day. These are spectacular numbers for a private gallery.

But in this new Matigon venue Perrotin wants to host official exhibitions, although it is not excluded that the strategy may change in the future. The gallerist aims to present specific projects, also taking advantage of the external space for the larger installations. Clearly also the visitors will be different, compared to the occasional ones: «I am really very happy with this new location, which will facilitate the relationship between the gallery and our collectors», explained Perrotin. In short, Perrotin goes straight to the goal.

Cover image: Perrotin new space at 2bis on Avenue Matignon

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