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Exploring the Artistry of Rigoberto Mena, Carlos LLanes, Jorge Luis Santos, Ruben Rodriguez Martinez, Eulises Niebla, and Jorge Santos Marco at Evey FIne Art Gallery.

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In a celebration of Cuban contemporary art, Evey Fine Art Gallery proudly presents the exhilarating exhibition "Cuban Avant-Garde." This showcase brings together a diverse array of talented artists, each contributing their unique perspectives and innovative techniques to the world of modern art. With a special lineup that includes Rigoberto Mena, Carlos Llanes, Jorge Luis Santos, Ruben Rodriguez Martinez, Eulises Niebla, and Jorge Santos Marco, the exhibition promises to be a transformative experience for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


Rigoberto Mena is an artist whose work transcends boundaries, focusing on blends of abstraction and surrealism. His art invites viewers into a world of enigmatic beauty. Let's take the artwork "Untitled" to portray this; this artwork features a kaleidoscope of colors and fluid forms that seem to dance harmoniously on the canvas. Mena's masterful brushwork and thoughtful use of textures allow viewers to lose themselves in a dreamscape of emotions, making it a must-see piece in the exhibition.

Rigoberto Mena. Untitled. Courtesy of Evey Fine Art


Carlos LLanes, another luminary in the Cuban art scene, has recently been selected to participate in the prestigious Florence Biennale, a testament to his exceptional talent. His featured work, "Navigating Day and Night", exudes a sense of fluidity and movement that delights imagination. LLanes' exploration of contrasting elements, light, and shadows evoke a sense of contemplation, drawing viewers into a mystical world where the boundaries between day and night blur into poetic harmony.

Carlos Llanes. Navigating Day and Night, 2023. Courtesy of Evey Fine Art.


Jorge Luis Santos, a visionary artist, is known for his thought-provoking and evocative works. One such piece that demands attention is "Florero". This artwork presents a very individual perspective on a seemingly ordinary subject, as Santos skillfully imbues the floral still life with an aura of mystery and emotional depth. The bold colors and dynamic compositions breathe life into the canvas, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who will encounter this masterpiece at the exhibition.

Jorge Luis Santos. Florero. Courtesy of Evey Fine Art. 


Ruben Rodriguez Martinez, with his series "Renovados Velos", takes viewers on a journey through the intricacies of the human mind. Martinez's striking use of abstract expressionism, combined with profound symbolism, delves into the complexities of human emotions and struggles. Each painting in this series is a portal to a different emotional state, allowing visitors to the exhibition to experience a kaleidoscope of feelings and introspection.

Ruben Rodriguez Martinez. Renovados Velos, 2012. Courtesy of Evey Fine Art


In addition to these four artists, "Cuban Avant-Garde" also features the talented Eulises Niebla and Jorge Santos Marco. These artists, each with their distinct styles, contribute further layers of artistic expression to the exhibition. Their works add diversity and enrich the overall experience for gallery-goers and affirming the abundance of artistic talent within the Cuban art community.

"Cuban Avant-Garde" at Evey Fine Art Gallery promises an enthralling journey through the minds and souls of some of Cuba's most innovative artists. Rigoberto Mena's enigmatic abstraction, Carlos LLanes' explorations of light and shadow, Jorge Luis Santos' evocative symbolism, and Ruben Rodriguez Martinez's profound abstract expressionism, all intertwine to create a symphony of artistic excellence. As visitors immerse themselves in this exhibition, they will discover the beauty, complexity, and the sheer brilliance of Cuban contemporary art. Not to be missed, the showcase is a testament to the richness of the Cuban art scene and an ode to the endless possibilities of human creativity.

Cover Image: Jorge Santos Marco. Espacios Compartidos, 2023. Cuban Avant-Garde. Courtesy of Evey Fine Art. 

Written by: Kooness

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