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Carlos Llanes

Melena del Sur, Cuba

12 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Miami, United States

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Works by Carlos Llanes

Paisaje de alla


36.83 x 36.83cm

2233,60 €

intimate nocturnal landscape


33.66 x 40.01cm

3536,53 €



45.72 x 51.44cm

3908,79 €

Festejo Ordenado


220.98 x 220.98cm

24197,30 €



195.58 x 124.46cm

16751,98 €

Diversa Unidad II


195.58 x 195.58cm

22335,97 €

Diversa Unidad


195.58 x 195.58cm

22335,97 €



167.64 x 101.6cm

16751,98 €

Marea baja - Low tide


208.28 x 218.44cm

26058,63 €



142.24 x 140.97cm

18147,98 €

intimate nocturnal landscape


24.13 x 27.94cm

3164,26 €

In 1981 he graduated from the University of Havana with a degree in architecture. His brain tumor diagnosis led him to immigrate to the United States to seek treatment, shifting his focus to themes of family, immigration, and cultural identity. He has participated in more than 100 solo and group exhibitions in Cuba, Italy, Sweden, and the United States. His work is part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, and he is recognized as one of the most important Cuban painters of his generation.

Artist statement: 

"I paint out of conviction, I do it spontaneously, and I work on several pieces simultaneously. Although I change my process with each new piece and enjoy working with different materials and mediums, I usually start on a large canvas with a reduced color palette.

I superimpose layers upon layers, scrape, scratch, draw with my left and right, rotate the work, and repeat these actions until it settles.
I then return, observe it, and continue the process.

Acknowledging the end of this struggle is one of the most important steps for me, and although I have ignored good results in some of these stages, achieving it in the end with full awareness is what challenges me the most.

I may not always be pleased with the result, but then I keep the canvas with me, and I watch it over time, searching for its essence until perhaps I notice a way to interact with it using other techniques and formats.

I paint out of an innate and involuntary need to constantly create works and express something through forms and symbols. I do it perennially, inside and outside the workshop. I consciously enter into a dialogue between the process of creating and its final culmination incorporating the changes within the painting over time, and I encourage viewers to interact with my work by partaking in that process."

2016 "Coloquio de Ron”, Hotel Arenas Blanca, Varadero, Cuba

2015 "THRUS (A través), 12th Havana Biennial, Cuba

2014 "A Diestra y Siniestra”, Melena del Sur, Cuba

2014 "100 años de Abstracciones”, Casa del Alba, Havana, Cuba

2012 "Sabor y Arte”, Casa de México, Havana, Cuba

2012 "De lo Real a lo Pintado”, 11th Havana Biennal, Cuba

2010 "La Otra Realidad”, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba

2010 "Nada que decir”, Matanzas, Cuba

2010 "Expo Colectiva”, Museum of Contemporary Art Pino Pascali, Porticato, Italy.

2010 "Expo Colectiva”, Museo Casa D' Amore, Alberobello, Italy

2009 “Equilátero", C. Cultural Yara, 10th Havana Biennial, Cuba

2008 "Ambiente Citadino”, Galería Conrado W. Massaguer, Matanzas, Cuba

2007 "Carlos Llanes", Galleria Bona Sforza, Palazzo Colavecchio, Modugno, Italy.

2006 "Mastrovito Espressioni", Bari, Italy

2006 "La Natura Altra", Palazzo Eventos, Bari, Italy

2006 "Bianco Nero”, Studio D’Arte Fedele, Bari, Italy

2004 "Entre Malezas”, Galería Provincial Eduardo Abela, Artemisa, Cuba

2004 "En Pirámides” & "Confesiones de Paisajes", National Union of Writers and    Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), Mayabeque, Cuba

2003 "Paisajes por Carlos”, Museum Hurón Azul, Havana, Cuba

2003 “Invitación", Centro Provincial del Libro, Havana, Cuba

2002 “Escondrijos”, Galería Luz y Oficios, Havana, Cuba

2000 "Urbanismo Campestre”, Galería de Arte, San José, Mayabeque