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Fine art painter Håkan Bremberg was born in Umeå, a town in the northern part of Sweden and grew up in the nearby Holmsund. The artist was, and still is, keen towards many different techniques. Since his toddler years, hi talent and passion prevailed. Read the Interview to discover more. 

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Kooness: Describe what kind of art you focus on 
Håkan Bremberg:
I try not to focus on one medium only. Yet, I always try to challenge myself. This forces me to concentrate on new things in the creative process. As time goes by, I find that I have gained new skills.  

K: Why Do You Make This Type of Art? 
If you mean oils, I use that because it suits my way of working. I want to have the possibility to rearrange things and being able to change shades and/or colours along with the painting process. 

Håkan Bremberg. Mot fjärran mål. Courtesy of Teravarna

K: What Inspires you and where do you find inspiration? 
I get inspired by almost everything I see I am surrounded by. I get ideas from my dreams, and abstract things that do not exist in my surroundings. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel I have to start painting something from my dreams. So, I get up at four in the morning and hurry to my studio. 

K: How do you make your artworks?
I start by choosing the size - small, medium or big? Then, I go on by choosing the format - horizontal or vertical? Something inside me always suggests the right thing. The same voice that suggests the theme - guides me to draw a sketch with ochre colour - because by being light, it is easy to cover and draw on. When I am satisfied with the compisition, I start shading it like a painting. The next day I often have second thoughts. Most of the time I do not like how it turned out so the second session starts. Usually after the fourth session, I am happy with it and it is done. 

K: What Does Your Art Mean to You?
 My art means everything to me. My art represents who I am. My art is me in a different view. 

K: What is the artistic process behind your work? 
I have described that already. It takes time even when I find my way of expression at the first session.

Håkan Bremberg. På ytan.Courtesy of Teravarna

K: Where are you from and how does that affect your work?
I was born in Umeå 700 kilometres north of Stockholm, Sweden. I think Umeå is not the main influence in my works, but definitely the culture, how people are and I how the people around me expressed themselves. That made me grow into who I am today and that can be seen in my artworks.

K: What is your favourite medium?
Oil on canvas is my favourite medium and technique. 

K: When is your favourite time of day to create? 
I like to create very early in the morning, with a very special light. 

K: How do you define success as an artist? 
I define success by selling my art, because to me it means they understand the painting and that means a lot to me. 

K: Which art trends inspire your current work?
I don't like nor follow trends. I believe that, as an artist, you should try to satisfy yourself and, if possible, the buyers – not the trend setters. People should buy my paintings because they manage to understand them, not because they match a trend.  Trends come and go but your feelings towards a painting don't.

K: How has your style changed over time?
At the beginiing of my career, I focused on photo-like paintings because that was a part of my education - shapes and shades - but today I am less rigid, and focus on creating shapes  that have a mood.

K: What have critics and collectors said about your work?
Luckily, they have been very impressed, at least that is what they have said and written to me.

K: What are your ultimate career goals?
 I am happy as things are today.

Cover Image: Håkan Bremberg. Courtesy of Teravarna

Written by Kooness

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