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David Graff's artistic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, taking him from the world of music to the realm of visual art, where he has achieved remarkable success and recognition. His story is a testament to the power of creative exploration and reinvention. From a songwriter in LA to a faux-finishing artist in Vancouver, and now a celebrated visual artist on Bowen Island.

Born in Edson, Alberta, and having experienced various regions of Canada during his childhood, he eventually found his way to Vancouver in his early twenties. In the 1980s, David's creative energy found an outlet in the music industry. He embarked on a promising career as a singer and songwriter, making his mark as a recording artist in Los Angeles. His talents resonated with audiences, and for a while, it seemed like music was the path he was destined to follow.


David Graff. For the Ages. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery

However, in 1994, a profound urge to delve into the world of visual arts altered the course of his creative journey. David decided to start his own faux-finishing company, a decision that would prove to be pivotal as he shifted his focus from music to the visual arts. His venture was an immediate success, and he gained recognition for his exceptional work on high-end residential and commercial projects in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and China. Notably, his work in the lobby of the Wilshire Grand in Los Angeles received the prestigious Interior Design Institute Award in 2001.
 In 2002, David Graff embarked on his Gilded Series, a collection of paintings and three-dimensional works that showcased his distinctive approach. He brought his expertise from large-scale installations on walls, floors, and ceilings to wood, acrylic & aluminum panels. 

One of the key aspects that sets David's work apart is his unique process. Before introducing any pigment, he gilds his surface using gold, silver, or bronze leaf to infuse his art with a luminous quality and a connection to the rich tradition of gilding. Once the composition and colouring are just right, Graff adds a layer of resin for a uniform sheen.


David Graff. At the Shore Dyptich. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery

This innovative approach to art quickly earned him representation in galleries across Canada and the United States. His works have found homes in both private and corporate collections worldwide, and have appeared in movies, television shows, and magazines.

The reception to his art has been astounding, leading Graff to participate in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Notably, Graff’s solo show “A Gilded Point of View” in November of 2018 at Art Works Gallery was well received and publicly admired, just as he returned to the music world with his critically acclaimed album Supposed to Fly. Praised for being an Americana record through and through, his musical storytelling reflects on life, love, relationships, and the idea of home. Traces of his musicianship can be found in his paintings through such themes as being still and present in the moment of their composition.

His journey, marked by a commitment to innovation and a reverence for tradition, continues to strike the art world and inspire those who encounter his work.

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Cover Image: David Graff. Summer's Cauldron. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery

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