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The Iranian artist is devoted to nature, which is his greatest master. Even though he stated that there are always new things to discover from nature, his works are created in his mind, cultivated with his inspiration and brought to canvas.

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Ayoub Emdadian is a social artist, born in the mid-20th century. His homeland, which is Azerbaijan (Iran), has always been a great inspiration for his art, which is mainly focused on nature, Iranian history, culture and events, and the role of lights.
His spent his youth in Iran, where he studied Fine Arts and he started to do some solo and group exhibitions in the capital.

After the Iranian Revolution (after 1978), Ayoub decided to move to the West and emigrate to Paris, in order to see the deep gap between the revolutionaries’ ideas and their work. The Iranian events and subjects have been always a significant theme for his works, where he represents the reality as it is, without any censorship. In fact, in the paintings regarding the ‘70s or the ‘80s, the viewer can get a taste of what was going on in that part of the world, as the oppressed people killed and executed by the Iranian army.

However, Ayoub Emdadian stated that his “prominent legend is nature”, which inspires him and he has never distance himself from nature since he was a child. He takes nature as a point of reference, because he thinks that there is always something to learn from the natural world and its magnificence. Nature is his greatest master.


Ayoub Emdadian. Untitled, 2020. Courtesy of Eran Gallery

His paintings, which are characterized mainly by the use of oils, acrylics, pastels and mixed media on canvas, take inspiration from cubism and expressionism. In fact, the reality is depicted using geometric shapes, creating 2D paintings by juxtaposing the human figures, with different dimensions, in order to create more special levels. At the same time, the subjects represented seem to be broken down by several geometric shapes, which are perceived as a whole with the surrounding environment. Moreover, Ayoub emphasises the human’s expressions, focusing more on emotions such as fear, anguish and anger.

Furthermore, the role of light is really significant in Ayoub’s paintings, as it shapes the objects which light up. For instance, in “Untitled”, the rocky landscape seems to be shaped by the moonlight, whose light reverberates in the sky, creating circular lines. However, the artist creates a contrast between the soft lines of the sky and the geometric and jagged configuration environment. However, the presence of the light blends the entire environment in a unique element.

Ayoub Emdadian. Untitled, 2012. Courtesy of Eran Gallery


Ayoub Emdadian’s paintings are known worldwide, thanks also to the several solo and groups exhibitions he took part at. Along the years, his art has been known everywhere, from Tehran, Paris, Budapest to Toronto. Nowadays, he is represented by Eran Gallery, which is specializes in showcasing Iranian artists in North America.

Cover image: Ayoub Emdadian. Untitled, 2012. Courtesy of Eran Gallery

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