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Barcelona based painter Nikolaos Schizas creates dynamic abstract paintings that radiate with vibrant splashes of color, and communicate a strong sense of movement and fluidity. He is inspired by a drive to explore unconscious feelings and repressed emotions. Read the Article to discover the artist's emotions

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Kooness: What are your favourite parts and least favourites parts of professional art?

Nikolaos Schizas: I really love the entire art process, from purchasing materials to execution. However, there are moments when things do not go as expected, which sometimes may lead to frustration. But I believe this is where the evolution comes in.

K: How has your style changed over time? 

NS: In the beginning, I used to apply a lot of paint to the canvas and much of the process was intuitive. Over the years, I have come to use much less paint, making the execution more controllable. I now prefer removing paint rather than adding it.

K: What is the goal of your artworks?

NS: My goal with art is to find my salvation. I have ADHD and for many years I struggled with hyperactivity and an inability to control my impulsiveness. Since I started painting, I have realized that it is truly therapeutic for me. There is a personal effort involved in using art to understand and interpret my own standard behaviors.

Nikolaos Schizas. Morning formations, 2022. Courtesy of IdeelArt

K: How do you develop your art skills?

NS: I work as much as possible in my studio, exposing myself to different materials and daring to step out of my comfort zone to try out various techniques. I have always been a hardworking person, and I apply the same dedication to my art.

K: Does art help you in other areas in your life?

NS: Definitely! I feel fortunate to have my studio so close to my home now. At times, it's not merely about completing a routine piece of work; it's about going there to be alone with my thoughts, to live in the moment when I'm preparing the colors and painting the canvas. It's an opportunity to explore various facets of my personality through painting. It may seem like a cliché that many artists share, but for me, it is the utmost truth.

K: How do you define success as an artist?

NS: I believe there are two key points to consider. The first is that, in a society where money is necessary for survival, a measure of success is derived from sales. The second point is about the nature of success itself: what have you learned by stepping out of your comfort zone, to what extent you have improved your technique, and what new insights you have gained about yourself through this entire process.

Nikolaos Schizas. Dreamlike, 2023. Courtesy of IdeelArt

K: What motivates you to create?

NS: Every day, I look forward to escaping from reality and routine. Going to the studio is the moment when I confront my fears, traumas, and everything that stems from the more challenging aspects of our psyche. The deeper I delve into that dark side, the more I find myself connected to my lighter side. This contrast keeps me motivated, fueling my passion for painting at every opportunity.

K: What is your favourite medium

NS: I have several favorite mediums. Lately, I have been working with resin epoxy and airbrush; these are new mediums I am eager to explore further.

K: How do you make your artworks?

NS: I begin by preparing all the colors, ensuring I have as many as possible at my disposal since I enjoy mixing various colors and tones. Next, I prepare the canvases by placing them on the floor. I then start priming the surfaces with gesso before proceeding to apply the acrylic paint to the canvases. To finalize, I apply either a thin layer of varnish or resin on top.

K: Why do you make this type of art?

NS: I enjoy the process and have a lot of fun with it. I maintain strict discipline in my life by keeping myself organized and clean at all times. This technique gives me a sense of freedom.

Cover image: Nicholaos Schizas. A different place, 2022. Courtesy of IdeelArt

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