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People say, Pamela Tait was born around Aberdeen in 1974, but it might as well be, that she just emerged from the Forest among the mist or walked out of Loch Ness at the time of winter solstice. Such is the magic of her works; it often feels otherworldly to gaze into them. 

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Her earlier coloured pencil drawings are light and motley; they are often inspired by music – and they show her skilled craftsmanship. This usually doesn’t mean too much, as artists with such skill often create works that are kind of lifeless and plain. But with Pamela, you feel the care and love that is burned into her way of drawing. 

Pamela Tait, Darling Remember, 2011, courtesy of FB69 Galerie Köln

The work of Pamela Tait continuously evolved until now, becoming more and more natural, as if returning to its magical roots in the rural forests of the black isle. Her deep connection to nature and inspiration from trees and animals are becoming more visible. The worlds in Pamela´s drawings feel incredibly strong and resistant, yet weirdly fragile at the same time. 

Pamela Tait, Good Morning, courtesy of FB69 Galerie Köln

Pamela Tait had her first Solo Show at the FB69 Gallery in Germany in 2010. 
Since then, little magical parts of the Scottish Highlands have found new homes all over the world, spreading kindness.

Pamela Tait, Migration, 2013, courtesy of FB69 Galerie Köln

The FB69 Gallery in Cologne and Münster represents mostly female artists from around the world. Our work is focused on paintings and drawings, often figurative and storytelling. We show pop-surreal and works rooted in comic art, besides more academic artists, as we feel the quality of work and motive are most important of all.  We invest in artistic value – our goal is finding artists, that might be in a museum a hundred years from now, because of their point of view today. The FB69 Gallery opened in 2008, we have shown our artists at Art Fairs in Berlin and Amsterdam and have had more than 70 Solo Exhibitions since. 

Among our represented artists are Pamela Tait, Anke Feuchtenberger, Jana Brike, Mary Iverson, Katharina Gschwendtner and many more.

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Cover image: Pamela Tait, Smooth Mystery, 2011, courtesy of FB69 Galerie Köln

Written by: Kolja Steinrötter, FB69 Gallery

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