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Gina Vor is an abstract female painter who loves to experiment with a wide variety of media and techniques. Fond of creating, she aims to explore new ideas that come to her mind to the fullest.

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The abstract artist Gina Vor (1978) has an international following. Her artworks reached collectors in the three foremost continents, i.e. Europe Asia and the United States. 

Gina creates abstract art in various mediums and techniques. She likes working with acrylic, ink, charcoal, watercolour and graphite. She is keen to mix a number of mediums on canvas, paper or cardboard. Her dominant style is gestural abstraction, but she is also enjoying abstract minimalism and geometrics.

“I like experimenting and doing something I have never done before”, says the best-selling artist at ART GODA gallery.

Gina’s story as an artist begins in her early childhood. Indeed, she was born into an artist's family and she has been creating art since she can remember. Gina did not attend an art school, but as she likes to say she learnt from the best teachers – the professional artists in her family. She had the possibility to experiment with various mediums 
and she received guidance and advice from her family. In 2017, she finally left her homeland Lithuania and she moved to Switzerland where her career took off. 

Gina’s works vary in size– from large canvases to tiny, charming miniatures. Her workhorse is to explore various forms of abstraction. Curious and intriguing, the artist is constantly looking for new forms of inspiration in different fields as the Asian culture, nature, or space. The female artist states: “Once I have a new idea I want to explore it to the fullest and that is why I am so obsessed with creating artworks in series. If I try a new medium or colour scheme, I like to explore it over and over and experiment until I feel I'm done. Then I stop and try something new”.

Gina Vor, Supernova 9, 2021. Courtesy of ART GODA

The perfect example of her artistic practice is the painting titled “Supernova 9”. It is created on black canvas in expressive and colourful strokes. The artwork symbolizes a newborn star and is a pure explosion of tints and movement. The artist is still working on these series using different mediums so art lovers can expect more “Supernovas” to be added on Kooness soon.

Gina Vor, Brain Power 7, 2020. Courtesy of ART GODA

Another artwork worthy of attention to is “Brain Power 7” from the series with the same title. The drawing is created with a very interesting technique - with charcoal and acrylic ink on paper. It is a graphic artwork dedicated to critical thinking: the lines and shapes symbolize our thoughts and impulses of the brain. By taking a closer look, the watcher can easily imagine neurons and brain cells communicating with each other, interpreting information, and making decisions. With this series the artist wants to emphasize the importance of intelligence that drives human behaviour. 

Gina’s art is perfect for art lovers who are just starting a collection since it is affordable, beautiful, and well-known. Check out all of her artworks on Kooness.

Cover image: Gina Vor, Ciao Cacao, 2018. Courtesy of ART GODA

Written by ART GODA

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