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Irene Gärtner is an artist based in Switzerland whose paintings explore nature, lost places, soft and weathered facades. Gärtner`s mysterious compositions continuously experiment a wide range of materials, her compositions feature diverse textures and are sometimes amalgamated into unified geometric forms.

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Kooness: Describe what kind of art do you focus on?

Irene Gärtner: At a young age I painted and drew exclusively figurative. Today my focus is on abstract painting, using colors and shapes, I achieve the desired effect and can fulfill messages.

K: Why do you make this type of art?

IG: Abstract painting allow me to express my emotions and my own perception of the reality. Through the use of aesthetic and cross-border productions, a connection with the viewer takes place.

Irène Gärtner. Fire and Ice, 2023. Courtesy of Kunstzürichsüd

K: What inspires you?

IG: I find inspiration through travel, the perception of visual fragments of nature, experiences and personal reflection. I also really enjoy looking for museums and exhibitions.

K: How do you make your artworks?

IG: My artworks are created in many layers and show the innovative mobility of a wide variety of materials, such as paint, sand, concrete, stone powder and collages.

K: Describe how art is important to society?

IG: Art offers us the basis for debates and reflections for social development. It gives us impulses for new things, creates spaces for discussions and points beyond everyday events.

Irène Gärtner. Power of Nature 4, 2023. Courtesy of Kunstzürichsüd

K: What motivates you to create?

IG: Tolerance and cosmopolitanism are the cornerstones of creating my art. Passion inspires me and give me the freedom to courageously try out new things.

K: Do you have a network of artists, and how they support you?

IG: I founded a successful art association with a few artists that now has over a hundred members. We organize national and international exhibitions togheter, have lively discussions and benefit from each other`s skills and know-how.

Cover image: Irene Gärtner. Seascape, 2022. Courtesy of Kunstzürichsüd.

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