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It needs something special so that miho decides to bring a motive to live in his own vision, his own colors. And while the motive may have been painted by many artists, he simply could not have painted the motive that defined the perception of pop-art works such as Warhol's - one of miho's personal inspirations during his adolescence and beyond. Read the article to discover more.

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When it comes to art, many people seek solace in the worlds crafted by artists, searching for an escape out of the ordinary, a personal refuge from the humdrum of daily life or a canvas for a new inner dialogue. But there also is another direction of art, which may create broader conversations – with society as a whole or, in other cases, just among a group of friends at the dinner table. For miho, latter is where he feels most at home. He loves discussing his ideas and inspirations, whether in life or in the artworks he creates alongside his daily pursuits, when he escapes into the world of art to return to the most memorable times, listening to his favorite songs or watching his favorite movies. Inspirations that frequently show themselves in the striking colors of miho’s paintings, in his motives’ facial expressions as well as in his way of painting: With the same U2 album playing as his companion throughout the process of each artwork’s creation, taking miho back to his dearest memories.


Miho. Final Cut, 2015. Courtesy of Galerie Niza


While art has always been miho's lifelong passion and became more than just a hobby over the course of many years, it were such memorable times as when he first listened to his favorite song “Elevation” or he first saw his favorite movie that continued to drive and inspire miho to discover his signature art style.

Defined by clear structures, vibrant colors, and the occasional hidden message alluding to cherished memories, this art style continues to evolve with every new face miho paints - whether it's the iconic Audrey Hepburn, who marked the beginning of miho's artistic journey, the iconic Pablo Picasso, the timeless Steve McQueen, or an homage to a deer buck reminiscent of miho’s rural hometown in the heart of Germany, miho's art thrives on this constant transformation.


Miho. Pride, 2015, Courtesy of Galerie Niza


Outside of his own icons, miho’s inspiration is also drawn from movie stars, Rock 'n' Roll legends, and fellow artists that have not only impacted his adolescence and life, but that of his friend’s and family’s as well. In combination with their own associations miho’s painting have become not only a personal collection of joyful memories but a collection of every exciting conversation with a friend, every colorful dream and existential discussion that miho had in his life.

Every painting thus is not solely an homage to an icon whose quotes may grace our walls, whose lives are explored by documentaries and alike, but rather something very personal to the painter and the painting’s audience. For those intrigued by miho's paintings, Galerie niza extends a warm invitation to explore his artworks on kooness.com, visit his former atelier in his hometown of Meiningen, or browse our gallery in Erfurt.

Cover image: Miho. Big B, 2015. Courtesy of Galerie Niza

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