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Franco Scepi was born in Lucera, Italy, in 1941.


He's an Italian artist, graphic designer and film director. Scepi debuted in the second half of the 1950s. He had a considerable attention towards the new communication’s instruments. He carried out performances and video-performances in Europe and in the USA. He worked with Andy Warhol, Mario Schifano, Achille Bonito Oliva and others. For over 40 years, Scepi has not used images from the media created by others. His personal approach is to elaborate images he himself has created for important companies and then to paint “Over” them. This technique is called retouché. 
Scepi had been searching for the meeting points between advertising and art and his idea was to merce in one single body all art techniques. 

In 1999, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Nobel Peace Laureates added their signatures to Scepi’s image Man for Peace, created in 1977 for the poster of the film Man of Marble by Andrzej Wajda, inspired by Karol Wojtyła and defined as the symbol that foresaw the fall of the Berlin Wall. 


"Franco Scepi's eclecticism cannot be classified. A real total artist, who besides being painter and sculptor is also scenographer, director, writer. In the 80's he was even regarded as an underground artist, as Fortunato Depero continuer in the second post war period, because, like the Futurist artist, he sought for absolute freedom and independence from any system, leaving behind common artistic practices boundaries. " (Pierre Restany)


With Franco Scepi art acquires vitality through technology and advertising acquires cultural strength through art.


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Franco Scepi, Deborah, 1996


Franco Scepi, Cirio, 1996


Franco Scepi, Bitter Campari, 1996