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Looking at the initial findings of audience attendance in the post-Covid-19 world.

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How did the dreaded pandemic impact our will to enjoy cultural events?

It was a hard hit for many. Cultural institutions were challenged. Artists and performers struggled more than ever before. And we all went through moments of fear and anxiety.

Fortunately, now we can say – quite confidently – that we are over the worst of it in Europe. 

Restrictions are disappearing and lockdown is becoming a slightly faded memory as other issues reach our daily headlines. 


n.d., Cultural Participation Monitor: Perceived Covid-19 Related Risks, Willingness to Attend Graph, 2022, Courtesy of The Audience Agency.


Led by the Centre for Cultural Value, in collaboration with the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre and The Audience Agency, the Cultural Participation Monitor is a UK national research – a survey about changing views on participation in creative and cultural activities through the pandemic, and beyond.

According to The Audience Agency, the key points of the April 2022 survey indicate and overall optimism. 

Nearly 50% of people surveyed say that they participated online during the pandemic. Those who engaged with arts and culture online were typically younger and participated in cultural events above average. 


n.d., Cultural Participation Monitor: Perceived Covid-19 Related Risks, Wider Attitudes to COVID Graph, 2022, Courtesy of The Audience Agency.


Safety measures are rated as less important than in previous surveys, although still necessary. 

Generally, the willingness to attend events has increased – extending to future attendance as well. However, some groups seem to be especially concerned – such as disabled people. 

Many reports that they intend to attend local cultural events more in the future, probably due to the high rate of people working from home.


n.d., Cultural Participation Monitor: Importance of Safety Measures Graph, 2022, Courtesy of The Audience Agency.


However, the cost-of-living, as predictable, has emerged to be a barrier to engagement which will especially affect the frequency of engagement according to The Audience Agency.

It is a positive outlook, yet it is tainted by soaring inflation. 

Overall, the pandemic has reminded us of how much participating in cultural events, and supporting local institutions and artists is fundamental. 

Giving back so much emotionally, we now know more than ever before that Art is essential for our Society.


n.d., Cultural Participation Monitor: Cost-of-living Impact on Entertainment and Leisure Spend Graph, 2022, Courtesy of The Audience Agency.


Cover image: "The Corona Virus Is A Wake Up Call And Our Chance To Build A New And Loving Society" on a wall in the slaughterhouse district in Munich, Germany. Photo: AFP

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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