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Is it possible to make NFTs accessible to those who are not familiar with the digital realm? Are they forever going to be seen as a separate category?

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Digital and physical are often seen as direct opposites of one another. As direct opposites, we understand them as two poles of a magnet, one positive - the physical - and one negative - the digital. As such, they repel each other.

However, is this undeniably true? Could these two poles ever meet? Are they always going to be seen as separate categories? Must we keep them separate forever?

Galerie Anna25, based in Berlin at Schönleinstraβe 25, has had the idea of bridging physical and digital through an NFT Exhibition, running from the 11th of November until the 16th of December. 


Peter Lang, Siena Reflects Artwork, 2016, Courtesy of Saatchiart.com


Their aim is to make NFTs accessible to those who are not familiar with the digital realm, challenging the way we see, engage and perceive the digital realm. Thus, “NFTs – not for investors”.

20-25 artworks will be shown. The selected artists behind these works are Peter Lang, Jazoo Yang, Pham Thai Ho, Heiko Huber, Raymond Gantner, Dr Banner, Jiwa, Blue Moon, and many others.

(…) Videos flicker on screens, projections of a performance can be seen on the wall, a photograph hangs on the other wall — what at first glance looks like a normal mixed-media exhibition has a special feature: all the works on display have a digital seal. In addition to the printed photographs and videos in moving images, the digital work of art can be viewed and purchased via a QR code. There are no limits to topics and techniques. (…) Code becomes art. (…)” (Galerie Anna25)


Pham Thai Ho, Human madness, adhesive tattoo, 2020, Courtesy of Galerie Anne25


Accompanying the exhibition, there will be an NFT workshop for people who are interested in the world of crypto, a radio show, and a digital program on Youtube.

Currently searching for sponsors for the exhibition, Galerie Anna25 has opted to bridge rather than separate forever. As stated by Galerie Anna25, It gets exciting when the real and virtual worlds of art meet.”


ROBNESSVAULT-2019-2021, The Digitalist Impression 07, 2021, Courtesy of OpenSea.io


Cover image: Galerie Anne25, NFTs – not for investors (Exhibition Banner), 2022, Courtesy of Galerie Anne25

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello


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