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This collection by the great Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí dates from 1971 and consists of sixteen colour etchings. The engravings portray some of the Bard's most famous plays. Don't miss the opening on Saturday 20th may, 7pm @The Flat Gallery Mahón, Menorca and the Online opening on Saturday 20th May, 7pm via Kooness.

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Shakespeare II Suite

This collection by the great Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, dates from 1971 and consists of sixteen colour etchings. The engravings portray some of the Bard's most famous plays.

The series has remained intact as a private collection for the past fifty years at a Heritage Estate in the Balearic Islands. It will be presented for sale for the first time at The Flat Gallery, Mahon, Menorca.

Salvador Dalí.

This is a unique opportunity for an avid art collector to acquire the entire sixteen piece suite in its entirety.

The Shakespeare Suite II was produced between 1971 and 1974 and is considered to be the most brilliant and highest quality of Dalí’s graphic art creations. The engravings are printed on BFK Rives paper, each measuring 44 cm by 20 cm without a frame. They are all hand signed in pencil by Salvador Dalí and numbered 63/250 with authentication. Dalí produced numerous graphic works of various themes during this period; considered to be the peak of his creative genius in engraving work. 

Titles of the etchings correspond to some of Shakespeare's most famous plays, representing detailed characteristics of each play reflecting the humorous aspects of his work.

The collection is for sale in its entirety. The price will be available on the opening day.


Salvador Dalí. Loves Labour Lost. 1971.

The Flat Art Gallery

A modern and quirky art gallery located in the historic centre of Mahón, Menorca, Spain that exhibits acclaimed local and international artists including the works of Eduardo Bermejo, Anna Ripley, Diego Vasallo, David Monrós, Helen Sadler, Yolanda Carretero, Tesa Pons Livermore, and Andrew Tatuador.

The gallery organises and hosts private events and viewings for clients wishing to sell art from private collections, as well as promoting and exhibiting up and coming artists.

Everything at The Flat represents the owners’ unique taste - and they try to stay true to themselves at all times. In addition to art, they are ardent music lovers and combine both mediums whenever possible. This is best represented at their "Friday Frenzy" events held throughout the summer where some of Menorca’s most colourful and creative characters, artists and musicians come together for a lively night of art, music and wine.

The Gallery also has a wide variety of NFTs available on their online store where buyers have the opportunity to own digital copies of the art they have purchased from the Gallery.


Salvador Dalí. Merry Wives of Windsor. 1971.


Cover image: Salvador Dalí, Cymbeline, 1971.

Written by The Flat Art Gallery.

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