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While waiting to understand how to face the current situation in Italy due to the Covid 19, some artistic institutions keep providing digital programmes for their public. 

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While waiting to understand how to face the current situation in Italy due to the Covid 19, some artistic institutions keep providing digital programmes for their public. Here it is a selection of six:

OGR Turin

OGR keeps developing the digital programme “Open Session”, a virtual format conceived during the health emergency. OGR Art Corner #5 MEET THE ARTWORK will focus on some artistic projects realized for an online fruition, such as the work of Beatrice Marchi, OGR Public Program Extra (Shop) #3 will present the exhibition “Unseen Stars” by Trevor Plagen in collaboration with @PPPattern, and OGR Good Vibes #2 will provide a musical format.

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OGR, Turin, courtesy of architetti.com  © Dan sun rha



Nicolas Ballario has conceived a new programme focused on women, their attitudes and their creativity. Every Saturday from 9thof January until the end of February MUDEC Instagram and Facebook accounts will broadcast a series of in-depth analysis on some women who have had a crucial role in the photography sector, such as Eve Arnold and Tina Modotti, who will eventually be hosted at Mudec for the last episode. 


Mudec, Milan, courtesy of Wikipedia.org



Digital mobilisation for the Pinault Collection as well. On the official website of the Venetian institution there are several virtual guided tours of the current exhibitions: Henri Cartier-Bresson's Le Grand Jeu, where the French master's photographs have been selected by five special curators including Wim Wenders, Annie Leibovitz, Javier Cercas, Sylvie Aubenas and François Pinault, and Youssef Nabil's Once Upon a Dream at Palazzo Grassi (until 20 March) and Untitled, 2020.

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Fondazione Pinault, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, courtesy of palazzograssi.it.



During the quarantine period Pinacoteca di Brera, under the guidance of James Bradburne, has developed BreraPLUS+, an online platform which enriches the museum experience with multimedia content, special programmes, concerts, live streaming events and much more. Since 14th December 2020 it provides “Dialogo Raffaello e Zhan Zeduan - nuove prospettive sulla prospettiva”, a dialogue between between two masterpieces of Western and and oriental art, so distant and yet so close.


Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, courtesy of Pinterest.



Arnaldo Pomodoro’s online activity now provides digital initiatives both for children and adults, such as an interactive activity “Ingresso nel labirinto” in which participants will be guided by an expert and will need to be equipped with a sort of sculptor kit, to make the experience as realistic as possible. On the other hand, “L’archivio racconta” will give the chance to discover the materials of the foundation’s archive. All these programmes are realized thanks to interesting collaborations with Walk Alternative Art Milan and Ambarabart.


Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro courtesy of Pinterest.



A series of focuses and activities will be organized based on the exhibition “Domani Qui Oggi” hosted at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, in which both artists and curators will be involved. Moreover, “Toccare l’arte a casa” is a programme conceived and realized for the blind audience of the institution, which has always been very active when interactive proposals were organized and now will be guided through a tactile experience accessible from home.


Palazzo delle esposizioni courtesy of Turismoroma.com.


Cover image: Fondazione Pinault, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, courtesy of palazzograssi.it.

Written by Elena Parcianello

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