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Window of Fame is a label committed to contemporary art. It builds bridges between the disciplines New Media, Visual and Performing Arts which are thematically brought together within a predefined project. The projects are not group exhibitions in the usual sense. A common contemporary topic, different techniques, and perspectives interact with space and among each artwork. For the Hybrid Art fair Window of Fame presents highlights of our openings LOST IN BUBBLES and CITY NOIRE — below the surface. Twelve artists who created works for the same topic allow the visitor an exciting change of perspective. Four of them will be shown at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid. Exhibition topic LOST IN BUBBLES | Fake ART (04.2019) was dedicated to the the shift of space and time. In the age of social media, truth drowns in a sea of trivialities. Invisible things come to the surface and private matters become public. FAKE is everywhere; we are in its middle. Exhibited artists MARIANNE METTLER SOME are more alike than OTHERS Marianne Mettler raises the question of the credibility of self-expression. How do we see each other? How do we want to be seen. The face is our facade that we carry. But which face do we show? Is it a mask or is it real? The photographic Selfie is an integral part of our self-portrayal and is nothing more than a mask to hide reality. ZOÉ JEANNERET HEUTE, MORGEN, ALLEZEIT (TODAY, TOMORROW, ANYTIME) Above is the german slogan for the fashion brand Dior in 1988 and the title of the work of Zoé Jeanneret. With this catchphrase the fashion brand points to their immortality. However, the artist does no praise the iconic fashion brand, but rather questions our relationship to high and fast fashion and the difficulty distinguishing true from fake. Exhibition topic We opened the fall season (10.2019) with the project CITY NOIRE — below the surface. The heart of a city pounding and beating in secret. Invited artists engaged with the hidden side of cities and made them visible. The project is an interface between the surface and the underground, contradictions and consensus oppose each other and follow the traces of light. Exhibited artists TIBOR FOELDES DENTI URBI Flat silhouettes, photographed against the sun, have a repellent effect. Graphic detail shots give us a different view of the scenery and appear light and delicate. The photographs held in dark shades, abstract a reality with which we are confronted daily in various forms. It is easy for the viewer to ignore the social aspect in this artistic discussion. YVES SEILER ] ALEXA DEN HARTOG UNDERNEATH Two young architects, let a CAD-controlled brush draw parts of the sewage system and let the machine meditate for us. The largest structure in Switzerland is invisible and slumbers under our feet. It gurgles and breathes; veins connect underground chambers and every single building in Zurich - also underneath the Bahnhofstrasse, Switzerland’s most expensive shopping street.

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