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Some are more alike than others 1



40 x 30 cm
16 x 11.81 in







Digital Painting - Fine art print

Series of 8 paintings


 In this work Marianne Mettler raises the question of the credibility of self-expression. How do we see each other? How do we want to be seen. The face is our facade that we carry. But which face do we show? Is it a mask or is it real? The photographic Selfie is an integral part of our self-portrayal and is nothing more than a mask to hide reality. 


1964 , Switzerland


Conceptual Artist | Audio visual curator and initiator of WINDOW OF FAME


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Zurich, Weststrasse 136,CH - 8003 Zürich

Window of Fame is a label committed to contemporary art. It builds bridges between the disciplines New Media, Visual and Performing Arts which are thematically brought together within a predefined project. The projects are not group exhibitions in the usual sense. A common contemporary topic, different techniques, and perspectives interact with space and amo...

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