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The Prince House Gallery on Turley: On the former barracks site of the Turley Areal, a new pulsating district is emerging, which stands for a unique mix of living space, culture, economy and lifestyle. In this context, the Prince House Gallery was created, which moved into the house, Prince 'their rooms. Inspired by the charm of former officers quarters, the Prince House Gallery transforms the space into a new and lavish gallery and cultural facility that regularly curates monographic and thematic exhibitions, works presentations and guest performances. Most recently, the three forgers Michael, Eugen and Semjon Posin from Berlin-Neuköln brought their art salon to Mannheim to exhibit copies of old and new masters as well as their own works. From Robert Häusser via Peter Mathis to Gerhard Vormwald: The focus of the gallery is on modern and contemporary art. The current photography has a special focus. With Robert Häusser the gallery was able to make an important contribution to this up-and-coming genre. Because Robert Häusser - the first German Hasselblad prizewinner - is not only revered in Mannheim due to his style-defining black and white photography, but enjoys international recognition for his complete works. Many more influential photographic positions follow, such as those from the Düsseldorfer Schule with Ralf Brueck or landscape photographs by Peter Mathis, as well as undiscovered artists who have promising talents. Philosophy of the gallery: Works of art are not dead objects that belong behind a barrier tape. Rather, her place is in the middle of life, to open new perspectives and horizons to the viewer. The gallery sees itself as a place where life and art come together and a deeper understanding of previously undiscovered views and views is awakened.

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Turley-Straße 8
68167 Mannheim


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