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Cadini di Misurina



50 x 50 cm
19.69 x 20 in







Pigment print on Baryta paper

1961 , Austria

Peter Mathis lives in Hohenems (Austria), where he was born in 1961. Since 1986 work as a photographer focusing on sports and landscape photography. He works for international companies and his pictures appear regularly in the trade press and advertising. His subtle and almost graphic photographs are evidence of a special connoisseurship of light and weather conditions. The sports and landscape photographer Peter Mathis manages to capture impressive moods and breathtaking moments of nature. Born in Austria, Peter Mathis moved into the mountains at a young age, and for his spectacular shots he sometimes takes on tremendous hardships. The experienced mountaineer knows the mountains like no other and knows at what time he has to set off to take care not only of the right place, but also the right moment. "When the elements are in the mountains - in a change of weather, unexpected snow in June or a fog over all peaks - then it's really exciting." (Peter Mathis) Photography has opened up new perspectives for him to get in touch with nature. His works range from small formats ranging from filigree pieces of nature to the great views of monumental mountain worlds. In the "Cadini di Misurina" view, for example, the strikingly jagged rocks protrude against each other in fine contours, and their gentle shades of gray give photography a downright graphic appearance. The light and weather moods go over to the subject and take the viewer on a journey through unusually beautiful natural spectacles. Peter Mathis's black-and-white photographs are factual mood landscapes with which he makes an important contribution to the genre of 'landscape photography'. Works are in harmony with the elements of our nature.

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70 x 50 cm

350,00 €

The Guard Of The Dead No 3


55 x 79 x 0.1 cm