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From 09/11/2018 to 11/11/2018


Milan, Piazza Lina Bo Bardi

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About the fair

GRANDART is a new modern and contemporary art fair whose second edition takes place in the spaces of The Mall in Milan, 9-11 November 2018. 

Among the participants, are Italian and international galleries that focus on the field of painting, sculpture and applied arts maintaining a close connection with techinques, aesthetics of materials and art history.

The values of know-how and the search for solutions addressing the notion of beauty and seeking it in the present are the criteria for selecting the artists in the show. 

A number of artists from the classical and modern scene, among them some true re-discoveries, are joined by a selection of current names in contemporary art and emerging young artists. 

The Mall is a 4000-squared-meters space located in one of Milan's new centres and already a venue for international fairs, such as MIA Photo Fair Milano.

GRANDART will be supported by a national and international communications system. 




For tickets information, please visit www.grandart.it 

Opening times
Thursday, 08/11/201818:00 - 21:00Vernissage: (by invitation only)
Friday, 09/11/201811:00 - 20:00
Saturday, 10/11/201811:00 - 20:00
Sunday, 11/11/201811:00 - 20:00
Contact info
The Mall
Piazzaa Lina Bo Bardi 1
Milan, 20124