Phil Leith-Tetrault is a visual artist, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated RIT's New Media Design program in 2007.


Leith-Tetrault pursues the idea of beauty in desolation with his artworks which are predominantly represent the landscapes.  Leith-Tetrault’s work includes organic shapes in the form of old houses, mountains, trees, rocks, and flowers filled with vivid color and photographed textures. In his works the landscape begins to suggest physical and emotional feelings associated with its location.


Inspired by his childhood trips to Greenland, Newfoundland, and Northern Quebec, Leith-Tetrault emphasizes the pristine beauty of these environments as well as their loneliness and distance from the modern world. The landscapes suggest places free of society's grip, places without boundaries or rules. There, beauty and desolation are inseparable and reinforce one another.

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