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Galeria Hilario Galguera presents Perla Krauze’s landscape intervention “La tierra y su reflejo” which translates to “The earth and its

reflection” at the gallery’s sculpture terrace, opening during Zona Maco 2023.

Krauze has created an immersive installation which constructs a waterfront of lava stone, obsidian, metal and water. Working with the rooftop surroundings, the sky, the reflection of the jacaranda trees, the shadows and their transformation throughout the day, harmony is found within the works. This journey through earthly raw materials becomes a catalyst to self-reflection on mankind’s contemporary moment, inciting questions of our relationship to earth, and our place within it. The soil, dirt and hardened magma find beauty in the very ground that we traverse, the rough and the elementary becoming captivating through their universal presence. The duality of the organic and geometric, the unfinished and the carved, the reflective and the solid, are all powerfully contrasted in the space. This is a sculptural homage to natural archaeology, the crafted vitality of the works resonating through the surrounding material landscape and the forgotten memories of its past. The lead containers filled with water are pieces which reflect the environment, encouraging new perspectives through shimmers and fractured imagery, all determined by the individual journey we take through the installation. The artist highlights how our surroundings can influence and construct different interpretations of reality. Krauze does not guide the mean- ing of her works, but opens up the space to chance, possibility and exploration.

Perla Krauze’s work explores natural environments, collecting and using varied objects and materials for sculptures, large-scale installa- tions and drawings. Her work encourages a reflection on material history, explores object relationships in space, and our connection to natural and urban surroundings. Her archaeological practice which uses stone, metal, wax, water, and textiles, generates poetic compositions that explore time, memory and landscape.