VV8artecontemporanea presents artist Luca Conca's solo exhibition 'Giardini Sospesi'. The exhibition will be inaugurated in the presence of the artist on Saturday 25 February 2023 at 6 p.m., thus resuming the season of collaboration between the gallery and artists of the contemporary scene. Luca Conca will exhibit in the spaces of Via dell'Aquila thirteen unpublished works in oil on canvas or on canvas paper, all related to the theme of landscape, alternating colour with the grey scale and playing on various formats for an ad hoc project for the gallery.

"Suspended Gardens" is meant to be a reference to both the landscape and the point of view from which it is observed. The exhibition will be divided into two thematic sections around which the artist's research gravitates: the sea and the mountains. Each of Luca Conca's works can be defined as a suspended garden, where the primary element characterising the subject depicted becomes precisely the belvedere, that terrace projected towards a landscape that inevitably becomes part of man's 'domestic' dimension, albeit in its sacred intangibility, and where the designed garden yields to the contemplation of the unpredictable.

While placing himself in continuity with the great Romantic and neo-realist pictorial tradition of the landscape, from the sublime of Caspar David Friedrich to the analytical impressionism of Giuseppe De Nittis, Luca Conca succeeds in giving it a decidedly contemporary accent through the absolutization of the painting element, which from a photographic background becomes the main subject of the vision.

Starting from genre photography, or from the postcard image, the artist reinterprets the landscape, reworking it in a scientific key, purifying it of all interfering elements in order to overturn it in a more spiritual dimension, leaving the classical canons of vision behind.

In "Giardini Sospesi", the landscape is revealed in an apophatic key, offering a fullness of meaning only with the contemplative eye of the viewer, who is called upon to assume full awareness of the partiality of his own gaze, of his own visual field, towards a horizon that must be sought beyond the canvas, within himself.

The exhibition "Luca Conca, Giardini Sospesi" will be open from 27 February to 31 March, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-1pm and 4.30pm-7.30pm, or by appointment.