Salvatore Cammilleri, through his symbolisms, expresses a strictly existentialist philosophical vision. With the spheres he explores the act of birth, of creation through the energy of elements that enter into symbiosis. With eggs he explores human transience by inverting the meaning of a symbol that iconographically represents life.
The fried egg is a metaphor for human transience, a condition that is thus faced with bitter irony. It also emerges through the titles of the works which are an integral part of them. In this way Salvatore Cammilleri's art rises to a decidedly conceptual pop, out of the canonical schemes of the same. The eggs emerge from a black background in order to exclude one of the principles dear to pop art itself, the color. Howeve, the artist remains faithful to a pop style since nothing is more pop (olar) than a fried egg in both form and concept.
Salvatore Cammilleri's art is characterized by its being multifaceted, this means that his research is characterized by a variety of languages and the use of symbolism, techniques, choice, manipulation of materials.
Salvatore was born in Palermo on April 17th, 1973.

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