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After its first presentation at the Nonostante Marras space (Milan, Sept. 30-Oct. 31, 2021, curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti), Matteo Carassale's solo exhibition Fiori Rubati opens May 14 at Gare 82.
The exhibition features the photographic series created by Carassale during the lockdown period, an unexpected parenthesis that leads the artist to search for and create beauty and tell, through the symbolism of flowers, the perception of the ephemeral.
The shots are taken without the aid of post-production, but it is through the skillful use of light and long exposure that Carassale succeeds in achieving a final result that harks back to the pictorial still-lives typical of the Flemish school.

"[...] The lack of references dramatically accentuates a strong effect of precariousness, a sense of estrangement that pervades the entire composition and emphasizes fleetingness, and inevitable decay, thus an end. But even in the end lives beauty [...]"
Francesca Alfano Miglietti

Because, despite the dramatic nature of the composition, the key the artist intends to give is imbued with positivity: "Those flowers seek light and finally find it in a ray that makes its way into the shadows, a way of escape and salvation.
From bud to decay, the life cycle seems to have a beginning and an end but it is in its perpetual renewal that rebirth happens.
Matteo Carassale, Ligurian by birth and Milanese by adoption, has worked for more than 20 years with Italian and foreign magazines in the fields of gardens, interiors, portraits and food. In the field of art, he has exhibited in Italy and abroad in museums and private galleries.

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