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Since time immemorial, progress and technological development have been the engine that drives human beings towards continuous evolution. It is the consequence of an inexhaustible spirit of invention aimed not only at enjoying simple advantages, some ease in everyday life, but salvation: the drive that stimulates technological progress is closely linked to religion. It is an ancestral human desire to possess the tools that give him a resemblance to the divine, and today, in the Digital Age, we have perhaps achieved a relationship of subservience to technology, the same devotion that has always been reserved for religion.

The production and use of devices take on connotations that go beyond the practical purpose for which they are conceived, acquiring symbolic values of recognition and social belonging, of identification; they are now perceived as indispensable for defining one's identity. Divinatory elements such as fetishes, amulets, totems, which had the function of accompanying in the inner search for spirituality during acts of prayer, today have the appearance of technological devices, and on this observation the artist Dario Tironi bases his reflection: will technology be able to become a vehicle for our inner search? Will it provide us with elements that help define our soul and nourish our spirituality?

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