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Gli eroici furori gallery is pleased to present a plural dialogue between artists from different generations and experiences who express themselves giving life to a real "Campo Libero" (meaning "Free Field"), intended as Open Space, Campo (field) is a space of possibilities where things happen, language expresses itself and evolves through the relationship with others.

The Campo Libero exhibition presents the work of the artist and teacher Simona Uberto together with three students of her Painting Course: Li Jia Yi, Susanne Carrara and Natalia Lenini. The different artworks proposed live and move freely in the artistic territory between: painting, photography, embroidery, generating spontaneous aggregations of meanings. To each his own development ...

Simona Uberto remodels the landscape, reversing its perspective values: dissecting it, fragmenting it, then reassembling it in a new vision on different levels, recreating an image born from the vision of reality, but which has become fantastic. An imaginary and surprising landscape where everything does not return and the gaze bounces.

Li jia Yi works on color and sign, generating infinite possibilities of the pictorial field: every time new surprising contemporary images emerge, with media communication frames. The works on canvas are made with mixed technique and collage.

Susanne Carrara creates a work based on current affairs and focused on the figure of the woman, an image often crushed by a predominantly male-dominated society. Work is atribute to all women and in particular to Virginia Woolf and her 1929 book "A room of one's own".

Natalia Lenini with her book embroidered white on white, works on the concept of communication, on the difficulty of language, here the "written" words sewn on as an indelible sign reveal all their fragility and delicacy: it is really difficult to communicate ...

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