Curated by Alfano Miglietti.

Barbara Aloisio's work presented in Gli eroici furori is constructed as a fairytale relationship between the earth, also understood as living matter that the artist molds with bare hands, and the other primary elements: air, water, fire. All these first principles contribute to the real materialization of his sculptures ... the earth modeled with water, cooked with fire, dried with air ... the alchemy that leads to transformation requires waiting times that are in harmony with the enchantment that comes out, a prodigy that passes from a fairy-tale imaginary and becomes a figure, an archetype of mutation and creation.

Figures and families, trees and small woods: from Barbara's secret garden small creatures can be seen among the branches, minute living beings emerge from the artist's imagination which is fruitful of tenderness and joy towards all the wonders of creation, between the earth and the sea and the woods and the sky. Birds and fish, jellyfish and other fantastic creatures in tiny hands. Small bowls hanging from the trunks of trees as elements of a secular rite which celebrates the deity of Nature.

Mother Nature to be respected and venerated with all possible kindness. The fragility of the materials with which the works are made then speaks to us of the fragility of the human, and of the earth that the human inhabits. As a choice of materials: ceramic, paper, fabrics, as well as wood, iron, stone which give support to the fragile.

Francesca Alfano Miglietti writes in the text on the catalog, about Barbara Aloisio's works:
All his works have a dialogue between them, regardless of the date and the technique of realization, trees, carpets, eyes, jellyfish, umbrellas, a shamanic world made of flowers and experience, atavistic wisdom and manual mastery, an act of care and of tenderness and, at the same time, a form of rebellion. Barbara Aloisio's world is studded with unconventional elements that reveal a provocative and narrative aesthetic.

Here is the transformation that amazes us: the reversal of the possible. With artistic intuition the elements that Barbara Aloisio shows us are surreal and amazing universes in which to get lost in order to navigate in order to fly in order to gather in order to find refreshment in order to find oneself different. With a new attitude, learning gracefully to listen to the world.

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