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Lolly Queen





72 x 51 cm
28 x 20.08 in







The retouché Lolly Queen depicts one of the characters belonging to the bizarre world painted by Yux, in this case Queen Elizabeth. The subject is portrayed as in an official half-length portrait, but with the sarcasm typical of the artist, who in the retouchè inserts an uncommon element such as a lolly in the colours of the English flag. This is accompanied by strong strokes and bright colours, with black outlines that clearly detach the figure from the background and recall billboard posters. Slogans with amusing puns complete the work.

This artwork is part of a series consisting of 10 specimens signed at the bottom right and numbered at the bottom left; each one is personalised and retouched by hand by the artist.

1970 , Italy

YuX, Pierugo Giorgini, was born in 1970. He’s an artist with a multifaceted personality, who paints and immortalizes life in fanciful forms and shades with a colorful palette taken from exotic journeys. YuX has graduated first in an artistic high school in Pordenone in 1988, then at the Istituto Europeo di Design in 1992. 

He has begun his artistic path in the early nineties. His art is like an intense dialogue with the subjects he paints and comes to life through brushstrokes of acrylic, traits of crayons, shreds of posters, pieces of wood and other recycled materials glued to the canvas.

His technique dresses every artwork with a street-urban context to which YuX belongs to. Every artwork is made by an arrangement of symbolic elements that define the features of the figures but leave them free to express themselves as if they were suspended in the wind of what they communicate. His passion for comics, his studies as an advertisement graphic designer, his continuous research and experimentation, his attention to the greatest Art’s masterpieces have led him to cultivate a personal interpretative ideology and a well recognized personal style that YuX likes to define “Pop Expressionism” This artistic itinerary keeps on evolving and cohabits with contemporary events, it embodies a life suspended between real and abstract in which colors, lines, expressions and movements have a single common denominator: the irony of the Grotesque. 

YuX is a face that multiplies itself in innumerable facets, where every face is a character and every character is the mask of itself. While everybody else is watching !!! Today YuX lives and works in Milan. He keeps on divulging his own artistic message through various "not-conventional" show-events.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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