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Love is Melting Discover the best available selection of sculpture by the artist You Wu. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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Love is Melting


Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



54 x 80 x 20 cm
21 x 31.50 x 7.87 in







Stainless steel - The artwork comes with COA

1975 , China

Wu You is a Chinese contemporary artist born in 1975 who lives and works in Beijing, China. He studied at Tsinghua University and learned from one of the most famous Chinese ink masters Wang Yangming. He is the founder of Beijing Rui Mang Space which is engaged to promote many cultural programs in China. Wu's paintings along with his sculptural works focus on exploring the image of feelings that caught his artistic experience. Depicting traditional motifs, his paintings retained figurative elements with distorted figures. The use of splashes of ink, his calligraphic lines, and his intense colors suggest spontaneity that expresses his emotion and present days feelings.

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Paris, 12 rue Vivienne

Galerie Bruno Massa based in Paris was founded in January 2013 and is dedicated to exhibiting the latest works of contemporary art. The gallery is devoted to promoting emerging artists worldwide, especially in Georgia but also in China and other Asian countries. In 2018, Galerie Bruno Massa opened a branch in Seoul, Korea & in July 2019, moved its primary ga...

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Peinture 200804b


46 x 61 x 4 cm

1000,00 €