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3900 EUR
4.2 5 20



Single piece Signed Dated Titled



81 x 100 x 2 cm
32 x 39.37 x 0.79 in







Oil on canvas.

1966 Barcelona, Spain

The artist, with a realistic style, works in the audiovisual sector as a television producer, which is why his fast-paced life forces him to create calmly and without haste.
He often works in oils, watercolors and pencil drawings simultaneously.
He is a lover of artists who, with a single brush, are able to convey a sense of reality.

He defines himself as a realist artist, "without hiding the material, I let you see the stroke of the pencil and distinguish the brushstroke" he explains. He is passionate about capturing the movement of water to stop it and keep it in constant motion at the same time, fascinated by the whimsical distortion produced by the submerged body generating surreal images, but conveying peace and serenity, and the feeling of pleasure with the aquatic environment where time seems to stand still.


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Barcelona, Consell de Cent, 277

The gallery Art Nou 277 disposes a unique exhibition space in the heart of Barcelona. Just in the recent years we decided to change the look of the space so the brick-lined wall has got uncovered. Leaving the original walls of the building visible gives the space a different look compared with the other galleryspaces of the city. But this is not what makes...

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