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From the series Outsider



30 x 40 cm
12 x 15.75 in







Digital collage, archival fine art printing, limited edition of 5

, Greece

Voula Paraskevi Ferentinou is an Athens-based visual artist, collagist and illustrator. She holds a BA in Political Science from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She studied Painting at Athens School of Fine Arts (Hons) (2007).She obtained an MA in Communication Design/illustration at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London (2009 - 2011). She also attended Graphic Design, Multimedia, Sculpture, Photography, Screen Printing courses as well as seminars in Jewellery design and manufacture. She received distinction for her achievements from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece (2004 - 2005). She presented her first duo exhibition at the Cube gallery in Patras (2017). She participated in more than100 group exhibitions and art-projects in Greece and abroad including Liminal Point 2021, Weaving the future III, Canone Doppio, Back to Athens 8, Art Athina Virtual 2020, Mask Art, Hybrid Fair 2020, 8th Beijing Biennale, Man on the moon, Platforms project, Artists in Motherhood, Restless Waters, Prometheus 2.0, Contemporary Artists’ Books, Athens Intersection, Break the chain2, European Night of Museums 2016 etc. She taught visual arts in Primary School in Greece. The main themes Paraskevi Ferentinou works upon are the dynamics of communication, the invisible aspects of social relationships, and the projection of human desires upon objects. She uses various media, majorly collages and installations, emphasizing the strength of synthesis as an autonomous technique for producing creative ideas. She invites the spectator to enter a space of innuendos, employing an abstract view of minimal frameworks, nevertheless rich in meanings.


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Maroussi, Grammou 30

Pow Wow is an art and culture space created in 2018 by Mary Roussiotis and Carla Joyce, located in Maroussi. The activities of the space combine art exhibitions in Greece and abroad, artistic events, experiential activities and workshops. Pow Wow is a space for the cultivation of imagination and creativity, for young children and young parents, who can creat...

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Injustice du 11/10/18


30 x 40 cm


Untitled (PH 499)


21 x 29.7 cm




42 x 29 x 0.1 cm

950,00 €