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Phonebooth Silhouette


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Silhouette



38.1 x 50.8 cm
15 x 20.00 in







This is one of most fun series I've ever made, and it's not without its challenges, I worked for months testing the exact camera, film, and light combination to create a texture and image that I had never seen before, using a Hassablad and Ilford film I found a tone I had dreamed of for months of quarantine. I've spent the majority of my photography career avoiding harsh shadows in an image, but the series changed all that it was no longer about avoiding the darkness but creating it, telling a story from a graphical view, allowing only shadows and lines to create the narrative, a new step for me, but one I've fallen in love with. This series has made me think differently and in new way for that I'm forever grateful. Now as the first prints start to make their way to collectors homes, I am seeing them framed and on the walls which is where I always intended them to be.”

, United States

Tyler Shields is one of the most celebrated fine art photographers. He grew up in Jacksonville Florida, becaming a professional in-line skater, winning the world championship. Hence, at an early age, Shields became custom to success and it should come as no surprise that shortly after starting his photography career, he became the youngest living artist to be in auction at Sotheby’s. Countless auctions described him as “the Andy Warhol of his generation.” He has galleries with record-breaking attendance across the globe and his limited edition prints are some of the most sought-after images in the world, such that some of his subjects are celebrities and Hollywood legends.

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Greenwich CT,

Trimper Gallery is located in Greenwich, CT. We are a favorite destination for both local & international art lovers. We represent a carefully curated selection of artists across all mediums like painting, sculpture, photography, and prints by some of the leading established, mid-career, & emerging contemporary artists from around the world. We work with fir...

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