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Fresque Infinie no 5


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series Fresque Infinie



100 x 100 x 2 cm
39 x 39.37 x 0.79 in







The infinite fresco is a human composition on 100/100 or 100/120 canvases. Each canvas extends into the next when juxtaposed from left to right. Oil on canvas. It was started in 2020 and will continue, finding no end. The story is woven over time. Meaning is constructed depending on the juxtapositions. Each person who owns a piece of this mural will be part of a story. As time goes by, the missing piece will be replaced by a new one, new people, new expressions, new posture, but always connected to the others. In a few years it will be much longer and may run around an entire room, covering the walls.  This fresco is a limitless inventory of the moods of the human race and the relationships between them. It also evokes the incoherence of emotions and the vicissitudes of human existence.

1965 Valence, France

Sylvie Wozniak, has studied at the Ecole supérieure d'expression plastique de Grenoble and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Valence in France as well as at the Shaoxin University of Calligraphy and  Painting in China. She is now based based in Geneva, Switzerland. Her often monumental production links a pictorial practice with visual and sound installations. She is represented by galleries in Geneva, Switzerland and abroad.

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