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From the series LaBelle


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30 x 30 cm
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A project on botanical femininity that aims to explore the delicacy of orchid petals with a "clin d’oeil" to feminine intimacy.

The title of the project : « LaBELLE » (from the Latin labellum or labrum = lip), takes up the French botanical name of the petal which develops downwards and which, thanks to its rounded shape, serves to attract pollinating insects.

However, the title can also be read as an appreciation for the delicacy of the sensual forms of this flower LA BELLE (The Beautiful).

Gelatin silver print on BERGGER Prestige 280 gr. Baryta Paper and selenium toned. 

Signature and stamp of the artist and laboratory, with date, number and series on the back of the image.

Passepartout: Canson Conservation 3 mm.

Certificate of Authenticity.


1989 Milan, Italy

Stefania Romano was born in Milan in 1986, receiving diploma from the artistic high school U. Boccioni specializing in architecture, also frequenting courses in dance, singing and theatre at Boccioni and Comuna Baires. In 2003/2004 partecipated in the Premio Boccioni “Un’ idea di Natura”, in the literature section, with the poem “I Tre Passi delle Stagioni”. The following year, for IX editino of the Premio Boccioni “Parola e Immagine tra illustrazione e interpretazione” she presented the work “Tutto in un istante”, a fotographic installation inspired by selected verses of J.Prévert, riceiving special mention and the opportunity to participate in an exhibition at the Galleria Bazart in Milan.

From 2004/2005 to 2008/2009 she studied music and jazz singing at the Scuola Civica di Musica Jazz di Milano (Politecnico delle Arti della Cultura e delle Lingue). She also participated in various musical events such as “Break in Jazz” sponsored by the Comune di Milano. In 2006 she enrolled in the Università Cattolica di Milano in the Corso di Laurea in Scienze della Formazione Primaria, for which she obtained her degree. To broaden her skills, she also attended development and printing courses at SpazioFarini6. Currently, she develops art projects for primary school, continuing her research in the field of black and white analogica photography, as well as following her quest for alternative material for the creation of installations.

Stefania Romano started her photographic research at the beginning of 2000. For her education, far from the academic world, she doesn’t define herself as a "photographer", but as an artist photographer: her work, when necessary, makes use of multiple materials and languages. Starting from 2005, she began to methodically study light and its contrasts in relation to the human figureand she realizes the art-work "All in an Instant". The installation (which no longer exists) combines photographic technique with plastic materials and almost unconsciously marks the foundations of her artistic career.

It is in 2007 that the artist focused on her first monothematic project: MUSICMOVEMENT (Diecidue-Comino), thanks to the collaboration with the gallery owner Pino Diecidue. The images transport the viewer into a blurred, blurry world. The figures are almost evanescent and the grain of the film highlights a graphic side, almost drawn. The artist herself will have underlined several times that the idea was to highlight a sort of trompe-l'oeil between drawing and photography.

The artistic journey continues with the WATER VISION exhibition (later SUR LA RIVIÈRE), an ode to Impressionist painting. The artist returns to play with a plurality of languages, and underlines her desire to create a link between pictorial art and photographic film. In WATER VISION the echo of the first art-work "All in an instant" is strongly perceived and her first PHOTOS-INSTALLATIONS are born.

At the same time, the artist resumes the use of black and white film, focusing on the graphic effect resulting from the marking of black shades. She started a research work on Italian sculptors for the FÒTURA project and began to retrace the footsteps of the great French photographers in the streets of Paris. In this phase, the artist repeatedly underlines the link between her work and the perception of the surrealist artists of the early 1900s.

With the exhibition SHOP LES JEUX D'AMOUR (Diecidue-Locatelli) of 2013, the theme of Eros finds its concrete space in the artist's artistic and exhibition path.
Aesthetics and social topics nourish the stylistic choices of the artist in the realization of multiple photo-installations.

This theme continues in 2015 with the personal NUVOLE DI CIPRIA/CLOUDS OF POWDER (Diecidue-Borghi). In Italy and France there is talk of reopening the “houses of pleasure”. The artist wants to bring attention to the topic thanks to an exhibition of photo-installations. Her works are saturated with objects; lace and velvet adorn the photographic scenario. The aim is to immerse the viewer in the atmospheres of those environments. The experiment is successful and two articles by Roberto Mutti highlight the exhibition and will lead the artist to participate in some collective exhibitions on the same theme. Thanks to this result, Stefania Romano continues her work on the female figure giving life to the works ROMY RÊVE DE FEMME and WE WANT TO LIVE.

In 2018, the meeting with the FINE-ART IMAGES Gallery laid the foundations for resuming the theme of “houses of pleasure”, and the proposal to select some shots for the MIA PHOTO FAIR 2019 event was born. The following year, S. Romano continues to work on the theme of femininity and at the MIA PHOTO FAIR 2020 event she will present the LABELLE project, a series of feminine floral shots.

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