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No. 48329


Single piece



140 x 105 x 0.1 cm
55 x 41.34 x 0.04 in





1970 , Netherlands

The photographic artworks of Sebastiaan Knot (the Netherlands, 1970) are perceptive investigations. They use light as an explorative and constructive tool, examining forms, colors, and their spatial relationships. Each shot is unique and creates a vibrant sense of depth.

Living and working in Rotterdam, Knot is a visual artist with a solid background as a photographer and graphic designer. His artistic practice originates in the studio, where he captures staged compositions of simple shapes, illuminating them with lamps of different colors. Through this process -a skillful use of lenses and filters- Knot questions what he sees: he creates optical phenomena of lights and shadows, chromatic contrasts, and images that look like impalpable architectural structures. There is no digital manipulation; most works are unique pieces or part of a limited-edition series, creating a special viewing experience.

Sebastiaan Knot exhibited in the Netherlands and internationally, becoming part of public and private art collections. In July 2022, he exhibited at the Vasarely Foundation in France, weaving a fruitful dialogue with the iconic artworks of Victor Vasarely and showing the same experimental attitude of Optical and Kinetic Art masters.

Knot's geometric abstraction challenges our conventional way of observing reality, shedding light on the elementary mechanisms that underlie our visual perception.

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London, 160 Fernhead Road, Maida Vale

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