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500 EUR
4.2 5 20


Imparfait 424



46 x 55 cm
18 x 21.65 in







, France

Safia Wosth was born in the South West of France and had a strict education, oriented towards culture, literature, music and painting. After a HEC preparatory school in Toulouse, she entered a business school in Paris. The discovery of Paris led her to go to exhibitions. She was very influenced by the Impressionists and later became acquainted with the works of Braque, Kandinsky. For Safia Wosth, the discovery of Abstract Art is a break with her strict upbringing and traditional art. An air of freedom emerges from this art. Colours and shapes make this art a personal interpretation of these works. For Safia Wosth it is a reading, a discovery of the works themselves.  For her, an abstract work is interesting, because each time, we discover it differently. We perceive shapes, colors, impressions with each visit.

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Paris, 52 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth

The gallery concept is to support young artists offering a complete support with their personal communication and visibility....

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