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Stratofilm (Duomo di Milano) Discover the best available selection of sculptures by the artist Renzo Nucara. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
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Stratofilm (Duomo di Milano)



From the series The Gadget



10 x 10 cm
3.94 x 4 in







1990 circa.

Plexiglass, resins, objects.

Alongside Cracking Art group, in the early 2000s Renzo Nucara focused his artistic research on Resinfilm: layering of resins, pigments and small objects that become the matrix of the most recent Stratofilms. These small works belong to the "The Gadget" series and are made up of multicolored layers of Plexiglass, inside each one the artist has manually inserted recycled and commonly used objects, precisely in the perspective of his artistic work always attentive to ecology and the reuse of materials. The small and amusing Memory Boxe, presented here, is produced in open edition, this example has as its subject the Duomo of Milan.

1955 Crema, Italy

Renzo Nucara's initial work revolves around the theme of the Diary: emotions, sensations, "facts of the day" written on the canvas. Writing then became a sign, the canvas gives way to three-dimensionality, new materials come into play - woods, found objects, transparent films - with which he creates the ironic Memory Boxes. He returns to two-dimensionality with the finds that characterize his artistic production of the 90s: he plays with the idea of ​​an object already corroded by time, in papier-mâché, foam rubber and plastic material on which layers of color, granules, pigments are thickened, elements of the natural world. In 1993 he founded the Cracking Art movement together with five other artists. 

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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