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Single piece Signed



47 x 32 cm
19 x 12.60 in






Document transfers on ribbons, sewn to a 1930s tablecloth.

, Argentina

From a tablecloth embroidered by her mother (1954) comes this series:
 "From here from there and from my grandmother too". 
The dragons of her tablecloth take on a life of their own, telling other stories beyond the stitches of the thread. 
Memories, fantasies, dreams of four generations.
Diverse voices that represent a singular and different way of being a woman. 
Women who continue to live in her, in that memory that is not in vain, but is transformed into concrete action because it is with their actions that people give meaning to their lives and others. 
As time went by, other tablecloths came into her hands, bringing her closer to other stories of sayings and feelings.
Narratives of union and of misunderstandings - traces of what was said and secrets of what was said. 
Traces of what was said and family secrets. 
Presences and absences. 
Gestations and births. 
Departures and journeys. 
                                       Tablecloths with stories
                                          Like life itself
The works exhibited were all made in the printmaking workshop of Est_Art. Alcobendas 2020 -2022.

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Madrid, Calle la Granja

Est_Art is part of EMG4, Multi-Proposals Space Granja 4 that is born under the prism of a new concept of living, experiencing, innovating, sharing and promoting the Art. Located in an industrial warehouse strategically located in the north of the outskirts of Madrid, we have more than 1,500m2 where the authors present their works and the public discovers....

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