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1500 EUR
4.2 5 20


Orange elisir

Single piece



100 x 75 cm
39 x 29.53 in






Sublimation digital printing on mat aluminum chromaluxe.

, Italy

The artist is always to be considered PZero Digit. All artists involved are anonymous and wish to remain, as per the poetics of PZero Digit, under the big name of the collective.
Under the name PZero Digit, therefore, we indicate a group of artists who embrace digital painting as a means of expression. Their uniqueness lies in their decision to remain anonymous, a choice that allows them to experience boundless freedom in exploring and realising their artistic works. This lack of public recognition frees them from constraints and conventions, allowing them to focus solely on the authentic manifestation of their creative vision, beyond any external influence.

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PZeroDigit is a contemporary art movement comprising a group of young artists who make digital painting their center of gravity. Generated by processing on a digital medium, the works are then made using state-of-the-art technologies and methods, resulting in painting-like objects to be placed in the environments we live. With PZeroDigit digital painting wor...

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