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60 x 82 cm
24 x 32.28 in







1968 Cologne, Germany

Peer Boehm (*1968, Cologne/GER) deals with individual and collective memory. He is as interested in very personal life stories as in historical events. And it is the "retelling" of the past, of what has been experienced, of stories and history told - often German and American - that he shows and combines in his drawings and paintings. Peer Boehm's works are based on photographic originals of people and settings unknown to him. He abstracts them through strong contrasts and reduction of the motif to the necessary minimum. In this way he limits his works in their readability and unambiguity. The empty spaces in the picture impressively convey the possible missing parts and gaps of a memory. The viewer must therefore complete the picture in order to recognize the content of the painting. To achieve this emotionally, through personal experience, is for Peer Boehm the decisive moment in the reception of his art. 

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Cologne, Große Brinkgasse 17-19

The art historian Anja Knoess founded GALERIE ANJA KNOESS in January 2015 on Große Brinkgasse in the center of Cologne, close to Rudolfplatz and Neumarkt. Prior to that, she gained a wide experience in gallery and art trade at different places, among others e. g. Sotheby’s in Cologne and London. GALERIE ANJA KNOESS represents international and contempo...

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