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Corona Visit Discover the best available selection of acrylics by the artist Verschuren en Van de Loo Daniëlle en Jan. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
9500 EUR
4.2 5 20


Single piece Signed Titled



150 x 200 x 2.5 cm
59 x 78.74 x 0.98 in







Eindhoven, Netherlands

Daniëlle Verschuren and Jan van de Loo have completely different backgrounds, they managed to find each other in their passion for painting.
Jan with a 'painterly' dose of very varied life experience, Daniëlle with a later emerging drive to further develop her proven talent.
This combination led to a collaboration with which they appeal to an entirely individual target group of art lovers.

Verschuren and Van de Loo have recently focused on work that they call "New Classic Art". Modern painting, for sure. But with realistic scenes and characters and / or animals in an often surrealistic environment with sometimes divergent graphic elements.

Traditional painting remains the basis for the work that Verschuren and Van de Loo presents and with which the duo has found a collaboration that is bearing fruit for some time.

In order to make their work accessible to a wider audience, in addition to the original canvases, prints on canvas are also offered, also known as giclees. In consultation with the client, the giclee is completed according to personal wishes and ideas. In this way, this style adds an extra dimension to the experience of the purchased work and this work is also strictly reserved exclusively for the buyer.

These giclees come in various sizes, in an edition of 50 copies, provided with a signed certificate.

Depending on the chosen format, the prices are between € 800 to € 1800.




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Eindhoven, Heuvel Galerie 112

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