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Ritratto di Picasso

Single piece Signed



34.5 x 24.5 cm
14 x 9.65 in






Watercolor on paper

A work by contemporary artist Oscar Morosini depicting a portrait of Spanish master Pablo Picasso. Morosini's watercolors are always small in size, a necessity due to his very realistic way of painting; his atmospheres are delicate in color and tone and he has a particular predilection for "payne gray," a hue that allows him to express his nature as a dreamer.

Work signed at lower right.

1956 Milan, Italy

Oscar Morosini was born in Milan in 1956 where he lives and works. His artistic preparation, is self-taught. He began participating in group exhibitions in the early 1990s, exhibiting his works between Milan and the most important cities in Lombardy. For many years he has devoted himself exclusively to watercolor, developing a personalized technique that distinguishes him, especially for the accuracy of his work. 

Although based on very simple and essential schemes, Morosini gives life to a decorative painting, imbued with references to daily and social life, but above all with feeling. The artist, sensitive to making a contact with his audience, considers a watercolor to be well done when the viewer feels the sensation of entering the painting as if in a story, and frees his personal imagination; precisely for this reason Morosini, while being a realist, deliberately leaves certain parts emphasized so that the viewer, subjectively completes the image.

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