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En attendant dans la salle médicale


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series original


En attendant dans la salle médicale

78 x 76 x 0.3 cm
31 x 29.92 x 0.12 in







Artwork sold in perfect condition Artwork location: Italy I've merged expressionism with a touch of surreal minimalism, using vibrant acrylics to capture an evocative scene. Bold strokes and a fiery backdrop set a dynamic contrast against the stark figures. This piece invites contemplation on existence and modernity, exuding a powerful energy that'll ignite conversations and thought in any space. artwork unframed shipped in a roll tube

1970 Paris, France

Born in Paris in 1970, Noah Borger is one of the hottest street artists of the moment. He was nominated in 2018 for the Rise Art Prize in the "Best Street Artist of the Year" category. The Rise Art Prize rewards each year up and coming artists who make waves in the art world. Noah Borger started painting very early but did not limit himself to just one technique. He remains a free spirit who paints compulsively, much like Art Brut. He joined the Paris College of Art, an American school of art and design formerly known as the renowned Parsons Paris. Borger's style is closely related to the neo-expressionist movement of which Jean-Michel Basquiat is the most renowned representative ; Basquiat is also the biggest influence on Noah Borgers's work, mainly visible in the primitive figures he draws. The French artist likes to mix mediums and materials; he uses acrylic and pastel that combine and create seemingly childish scenes, both surreal and poetic. He also uses digital tools in his work. Borger sometimes uses photographs of his own abstract paintings as a starting point and uses many effects and tricks to achieve the result is looking for. The combination and assemblage of materials gives surprising results that draw the viewers into his universe. He says of his work: "I don't really have a technique, I just go at it, with all sorts of mediums, adding and erasing." Borger's body of work appears as unique as his technique, his subjects can be very eclectic, ranging from pop culture references such as "Mama I missed the plane" to Greek myths and to nudes. Noah Borger's rise on the international art scene is a certainty. His works, particularly sold in the United Kingdom and the United States, are part of exhibitions in numerous European countries.

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